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State rep proposed to remove $100 as proposed surcharge for traffic ticket

HARRISBURG – A proposal for funding transportation is now under discussion   in the House to become a law is that drivers who are over-speeding or are found guilty committing traffic violations would be charged an additional fine of $100 per violation. This is the bitter result if the proposal becomes a law.

Dick Hess, who is State Rep for R-Bedford, said amount of $100 as traffic ticket’s surcharge on traffic tickets a huge amount. He told the chair of the committee that he is not going to sign and intends to remove the new proposed fee.

On the hearing Wednesday after their first hearing of the transportation proposal, Rep. Hess said that the proposed fee should be out for the amount is a little too much.

Speeding drivers might be grateful to Rep. Hess and other lawmakers from both sides from both aisle of the House who are appearing doubtful in passing the surcharge to increase funding package. But agencies of mass transit wanted to view the $100 added-on included in the bill if ever it will reach the desk of Gov. Tom Corbett.

The amount of $100 million in annual revenue they estimated to collect will be used as subsidy for the entire mass agencies of the state.

The Senate-passed transportation initiative will be able to generate a cool amount of $2.5 billion for the coming five years. The plan to do this by increasing registration of vehicle and fees for drivers’ license while using a portion of the state taxes from gasoline.

An estimated sum of $510 million is what the mass transit would be getting. With the removal of the ticket surcharge, the amount would drop to around $410 million.

D-Philadelphia and State Rep. Michael McGeehan, who acts House Transportation Committee minority chairman, said they should have a plan B to fund mass transit if the surcharge is removed from the bill.

McGeehan said that if it happens, it will leave a huge gap and so they have to find an alternative.

Dollars collected from motor license fund may not be used for mass transit, according to state law.

Due to the prohibition, the state has to subsidize mass transit while looking for other sources of funding mechanisms such as a small % derived from the state sales tax. Supporters of mass transit have long been searching for a more stable and less confusing source of funding stream.

The new surcharge would be a huge addition to that mixed bag of funding mechanisms.

But it would be a deterrent for drivers as a citation for running a red light would be nearly double to the existing $212.

Barry Schoch, Secretary of Transportation said last Wednesday the surcharge can be made negotiable like all other portions of the proposal.  Corbett said he will place the Senate’s $2.5 billion spending plan under consideration.

Even the police departments have been concern about the proposal ticket. Last week, Scott Schubert, Pittsburgh police commander, who oversees the bureau’s traffic division, made a prediction that police and himself, might be issuing fewer citations if the surcharge will be approved.

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