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Types of Non-Moving Violations

A non-moving violation occurs when a vehicle is not moving. It usually carries a lesser penalty compared to moving violations. Non moving violations cover parking infractions, illegal modifications on vehicles or vehicles that need repair and driving with a suspended license.

Parking Violations

Parking violations are perhaps the most common non-moving violation. For example, an individual can be ticketed for parking in a no parking zone, parking in the disabled spot without the appropriate sticker, letting the parking meter expire or parking in a loading zone. Different states have different parking laws. In Philadelphia, PA for example, it is illegal to park on a bridge, viaduct, tunnel or underpass or to park 50 feet within a railroad crossing.

Correctable Violations

People who drive cars with broken tail lights, too dark tints, body kits that alter the car’s ground clearance, non-standard headlights or under-vehicle lights can be issued a non-moving violation under correctable violations. If a driver is issued a ticket for an illegal modification he is usually given a chance to fix the modification. These tickets are called fix-it tickets.

Driving Without A License

When a driver commits a more serious offense like driving under the influence or driving with a suspended license or failure to pay numerous tickets, the state can suspend or revoke his license. Driving with a suspended license is considered as a non-moving violation but in this instance the penalty is much higher. Some states classify driving without a license as a misdemeanor and require the offender to pay expensive fines and in some cases serve a jail term. Other states are stricter and classify this offense as a felony and require the offender to serve community service, serve jail time of more than a year and pay fines. In some cases a driver’s license will be permanently revoked.

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