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$137 Traffic Ticket With 137 Origami Pigs

This week, a man came to a municipal court to pay a $137 traffic violation ticket with 137 origami pigs fashioned from 1 dollar bills and boxed inside two Dunkin Donut trays.

However, the city clerk refused to receive his artistic payment and ordered him to unfold each one of his painstakingly artistic creations.

The man remains unidentified but Bacon Moose on YouTube, posted a recording of the dialogue and the reason for the origami pigs.

He said that he got a ticket in a town where the cops are very keen in their money trap decided to pay them in an appropriate manner.

Approaching the window at the clerk’s office, the unidentified payer said that he was going to pay in cash. In a very serious demeanor, he opened the two boxes and slid them under the window ready to present his payment.

The clerk looked at the neatly arranged origami pigs and told him that payments such as these will not be received.

The creative payer said that it is legal tender and acceptable as payment. It is legitimate money and he would have paid in card but the office charges 5% fee for the transaction.

The clerk insisted that the origami pig bills be unfolded and was soon losing patience. He was so annoyed that he picked up the phone and called for back up from a senior officer.

A policeman in uniform soon arrived and appreciated the identified payer’s sense of humor. He said the bills were like little piggies inside doughnut boxes.

It only took the artistic ticket-holder four minutes to unfold each pig and called his creation – , the Great Dollar Pig Massacre of 2012, as the clerk finally started laughing.

Link – http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2202872/Man-137-traffic-ticket-pays-137-origami-pigs-Dunkin-Donut-boxes.html

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