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Sheep farmer calls for speed limit reduction

Due to speed, a sheep farmer on Dartmoor claimed that he is losing thousands of pounds worth of livestock because motorists are driving too fast and hitting his animals.

Between Shaugh Prior and Lee Moor, the limit of speed between them is currently 40mph, but farmer David Skelly from Wotter recommended that it be  reduced to 30mph.

Mr. Skelly felt that he was also worried for his own safety when he was working.

The police from Devon and Cornwall Police monitored  the speeds in the area and they caught one driver doing 63mph which was very dangerous.

Mr Skelly added that he had seen worse; motorists doing 80mph past the farm gate. This danger does not only apply to his sheep but also for the children and public around the area.

Mr Skelly said that for the past five weeks, he had lost s dozen sheep from reckless drivers. And for the past year 45 sheep have been killed on the roads.

PC Ian Baggot, from Devon and Cornwall Police stated that he issued a fixed penalty notice to the  first vehicle that came past was doing 63mph.

PC Baggot said he would report his findings, which he hopes could ultimately lead to the layout of the road being changed. However, he added that he does not think that reducing the speed limit will slow people down. People aren’t slowing down at 40mph, so why are they going to take any notice of 30mph?

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