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School Bus Crash in Mercer

According to the School Superintendent’s Office, five people, including a young boy, are recovering after a school bus accident in Mercer County. The bus belongs to the Hopewell Valley Regional School District.

Officials reported that the accident occurred at the corner of Hopewell Princeton Road and Crusher Road in Hopewell Township. The crash involved four vehicles: a school bus from the Hopewell Valley Regional School District and three cars.

Police identified the bus operator as Rebecca Medina, age 55 and resident of Bristol. He was traveling north on Hopewell Princeton Road and was negotiating a left turn onto Crusher Road. Suddenly the bus was hit on the passenger side by a vehicle driver identified as Heather Haynes, age 36 and a resident of Blairstown. He was going south along the Hopewell Princeton Road. The impact was so immense that it caused the bus to spin and turn over on the driver’s side.

Police stated the bus then fell on the hood of a car, driven by Bridgid Finn, age 34, residing in Hopewell. The car had stopped at the intersection of Crusher Road.

After hitting the school bus, police reported that the vehicle of Haynes spun around and travelled towards the northbound lane of Hopewell Princeton Road. There it was struck by a another car operated by Magdalena Fiedosiuk, age 32, from Baltimore, Maryland.

Police said that a 4-year-old boy from Hopewell Township, as well as a school aide was the only passengers on the bus at the time of the crash. The boy, together with four other people involved in the crash, were transported to Capitol Health System and treated for minor injuries.

To the clear the scene, the roadway was closed for an hour and a half while investigators continued their work around the crash.

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