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Traffic ticket inspires Summerville woman to lose more than 200 pounds

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Colantonio said that the ticket was like reality in my face; and if not for the ticket she would not have decided to lose weight.
Amos did not tell her to lose weight, but to Colantonio, the ticket was like reading a book on eating healthy foods, exercising and educating herself about a healthy lifestyle. She could hardly believe that with a year and a half, she lost 200 + pounds without even resorting to surgery or pills.

Trooper Amos hoped that people learn from Colantonio; especially with South Carolina’s obesity rate. Amos is expecting that obese people would follow the example of this Summerville woman.

Matthew Colantonio said that people do not need to be heavy as they can lose weight. They just need a motivation to change. He considers his wife an inspiration.

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