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Stop sign violations

Walking is a free transport option for parents and their children and, not that long ago, 50 percent used to get to elementary school by walking and by cycle. More recently, however, this number has fallen to 10 percent with the majority of children now being driven to school by their parents. This has resulted in a reduction in pedestrian related accidents and injuries. However, they still rank highly in accident statistics because often once children are dropped off outside their schools they may have to cross the road to get entry through the school gate.

School drop off zones have a high incidence of stop sign violations

This is where stop sign violations seem to occur with the greatest frequency and accidents being the result. If you were caught violating a stop sign then you will need a lawyer to represent you as this is a serious offense and may not only mean that your insurer will have a bill to pay but you may accrue points against you.

Every year, stop sign violations like yours can be linked to 200 fatal accidents and 17,000 non-fatal accidents. Children are particularly at risk of being injured when pedestrian and stop sign right-of-way laws are violated. This is because drivers like yourself invariably do not slow down when driving through school zones and when they get to a stop sign they fail or are unable to stop resulting in a child pedestrian accident and its associated injuries.

A stop sign violation may mean that you were acting negligently

An accident inflicted on a child due to stop sign violations is not the fault of the child, but the fault rests on you as a driver being negligent. In this situation a damages claim can be filed against you which is the legal entitlement of anyone who has been injured in an accident that was not their fault. The aim of putting in for a claim for damages not only covers the financial hardship that has been inflicted on the victim and his or her family but is also a warning to other drivers that they should slow down and not be an offender of stop sign violations.

It does not take too much thought to obey traffic rules and avoid accident involvement and its associated injuries. In stop sign violations, like yours, injuries are particularly horrific as the pedestrian has to act more quickly than usual as an accident is quite unexpected at a crosswalk that has a stop sign.

If you have been caught violating a stop sign then you should not hesitate but contact a stop sign violation attorney to discuss your situation. Once we have worked out where you stand, we will aggressively defend you and ensure that you get a fair penalty and, if possible, a lesser charge.

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