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Stop Light Tickets

According to data released by AAA Mid-Atlantic this month, 33,627 drivers were issued a ticket last year by the red-light camera at the intersection immediately south of City Hall on Broad Street Philadelphia.

If you get one of the envelopes with the famous blue “VIOLATION” text, don’t panic.

There are a few things to understand about stop light tickets. First, a stop light ticket is different than other traffic violations. When we think of traffic violations, we think of speeding tickets, running a red light, failure to stay in a single lane, but a stop light ticket is more like a parking ticket. Secondly, a stop light ticket may not count as points on your driving record. Typically, let’s say you get a speeding ticket that will count as 4 points on your driving record. A moving violation is 3 points. If you accumulate 12 points within 12 months, your license will be suspended for 30 days; 24 points in 24 months, or 36 points in 36 months, you’re not driving for quite a while. With stop light tickets, if you pay the ticket within the prescribed time, no points will be assessed against your driving record. So, you’re driving record is not in peril of a suspension. The last thing to remember is stop light tickets are not transmitted to your auto insurance company. One of the things that causes your rates to go up is points, if there are no points on your record your insurance company doesn’t find out about the ticket. So, if you pay the ticket, your insurance rates don’t go up, and there are no points assessed against your record. So if you get a stop light ticket, relax. There are no points, the insurance company doesn’t find out about it, and you can go on in your life while still maintaining a safe driving record, if you had one before. Hopefully this will help you if you, or someone you know, gets a stop light ticket.

What to do if you do not pay the stop light ticket in the prescribed amount of time.

The best stop light ticket attorneys will gather evidence for you defense. Once it is verified that it is your vehicle in the offending picture and that you were, in fact, driving at the time of the incident, a good red light ticket attorney will try to re-create what caused the incident. There may be several defenses for running a stop light. Was the yellow light too short for the posted speed limit? Were camera enforcement signs posted in a well-visible area? Does the red-light photo proof clearly show that the light was red?

The best stop light ticket attorneys can find out how the stop light camera that caught your offense works and use this information to construct your defense. They will scrutinize components such as maintenance done on the camera, installation date and recording methods. Your stop light ticket attorney should find out if the ticket issued after the first 60 days of the camera’s operation.  Whether or not the ticket issued by a Police Officer with primary jurisdiction over that area.  Was there a clear photo enforcement sign posted before the intersection, and if so, was it installed within the statutory number of required days prior to when the violation occurred. Is the yellow light at that intersection of sufficient duration in accordance with the speed limit?

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