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Dallas citation procedure

If you have received a citation in the City of Dallas, then you are granted 21 days from the date of the citation to respond. Failing to respond or pay a fine, if that is what is required, will mean that your driver’s license will be suspended until a response is made or a fine is paid. The failure to respond or make payment will also mean extra payments or surcharges for non response, such as a $60 delinquent fee, and failure to appear fee of $30 with a 30% collection fee surcharge added on top.

Note that parking tickets are not dealt with by the city’s Court and Detention service. Payment of parking ticket fines can be made by following the instructions on the City of Dallas website’s Public Works and Transportation page.

A response to a citation can be made in three different ways:

By appearing in person at the Municipal Court Building, 2014 Main St. If this is not open, then you can go to the City Detention Center instead. You must bring a copy of the citation with you, as well as an authorized way of identifying yourself such as a driver’s license, voter registration card, military identification or passport. The Detention Center is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

By mail to 2014 Main St, Room 101, Dallas, TX 75201. Make sure you send a copy of your driver’s license and the citation with your check or money order made out to the “City of Dallas” or request for trial. Any payments made by mail will be dated as of the postmark. This means that you will have 21 days from the date of the citation to post the fine if that is what you have to do.


Online at the Dallas City Hall website –  HYPERLINK “http://www.dallascityhall.com” www.dallascityhall.com.

There are other options available other than requesting the citation goes to trial or you pay a fine.

You could make an application to attend a driver safety course, but this option is only available if you have received a citation for a moving violation only. If you were charged with DUI / DWI, or reckless driving, then you do not have this option. You will need your state driver’s license as well as proof of insurance and make a payment for the course.

You could request that you do community service. This may require you to be released from work to do so.

You could also request that you be allowed to make a payment plan. If approved, a payment plan allows you to make an initial payment of 30% of the fine followed by three more payments within a 90 day limit.

To be allowed to make a planned payment you will need to be over 18 and provide two character references with names and contact details and appear in person at the Municipal Court building with suitable means of identification. If you are unable to pay the final amount within 30 days of the agreed time then you will be charged an extra $25 on top of your fine.



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