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Blocked reg for those with unpaid traffic tickets

Houston, Texas – The administration has proposed a new method of running after scofflaws. For those who have not settled paying your traffic tickets, they will not be allowed to register.

During Wednesday’s City Council meeting, Municipal Court Presiding Judge Barbara Hartle proposed to sign an agreement with the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles that the state have the right to refuse the issuance of vehicle registrations to people who have outstanding traffic fines.

The proposal made by Judge Hartle would involve investing about $20,000 a year into compiling lists of scofflaws. In coordination with the state, the city would be able to reap a windfall of around $432,000 a year in higher collections.

A similar proposal involving red-light camera runners made two years ago was rebuffed by the county. Officials of the city then had also proposed that registration will not be allowed for those runners caught on camera. Passing the proposal would mean spending the funds from the county tax assessor-collector, who are issuing the license plates and stickers. Leo Vasquez who was then the tax collector, approved the deal  and recommended proposal to the Commissioners Court. However, since the county received a cut of the fee when it issued registration and would, essentially, be spending revenue for cracking down on city scofflaws, members of the Commissioners Court rejected the deal.

At present, the tax collector, in charge of placing the holds, is a member of the council and he does not like Hartle’s plan. However, this month, District E Councilman Mike Sullivan was elected tax assessor-collector and will be leaving the council in January when he is sworn in at the county.

Sullivan believed that there will be another attempt to have the county collect fees and fines that the city can collect on their own. It appears that the mayor wants to push this over to the county as another means of collecting money for the city.

Sullivan said he opposed the arrangement and intends to fulfill campaign promises to shorten the lines at the tax office windows. In addition, he is afraid that even those people who have paid their fines maybe mistakenly placed on the category of those who have not paid their fines.

Even the outgoing Tax Assessor-Collector Don Sumners is more strident in his opposition. Last Tuesday, he sent an email to the county’s lobbying team, instructing them to work on the prevention of changes in the scofflaw law to force counties to enforce city contracts with the DMV. He feels that enforcement of the scofflaw would substantially disrupt the registration of taxes, as well as dealing with unhappy customers and cause for longer lines and even the need to make multiple visits to the service windows.

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