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Police Sued over ruptured breast implant

A police is being sued by a woman based on her claim that the officer caused her breast implant to burst when he arrested her for an unpaid speeding fine.

The claimant, Rebecca Van Hooser related that the Texas pulled her over for driving with headlights off after dark and apprehended her when he found out that she as a pending warrant for the unpaid speeding ticket.

Ms Van Hooser’s counsel’s claimed that the officer used excessive force during the October 2011 arrest that her breast implant ruptured.

According to Ms.Van Hooser, as she got out of her car, the officer grabbed and threw against the car, spread her legs and grabbed her arms and forcefully pulled them out and yanked them very hard behind her back. The lawsuit filed related that Ms Van Hooser was in so much pain that she lost any  feeling in her arms.

As she screamed in pain and told the officer she had had spinal surgery in 2008, the officer said  that she was not supposed to be comfortable.

The claimant had reportedly gone through a number of surgeries resulting from the burst implant and she is in need of a partial mastectomy and a new breast implant.

Pantego Police Department denied all allegations and in the preliminary investigations tried to prove that there was no merit to the allegations.

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