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Fender bender leads to chase, arrest

Jefferson — On Saturday, a minor traffic incident was caused by a car chase followed by an exciting car ride which culminated with an arrest.

The wild car driver was identified as Donald Taylor, age 57. He was accused of hitting a vehicle on Jefferson Highway and then trying to run away from the scene through Jefferson. In the end, his vehicle was apprehended by the police. The operator of the truck which Taylor whose vehicle Taylor struck wound up riding in the back of his pickup truck so Taylor wouldn’t escape.

An account contained in the arrest report stated that the incident started near the corner of Jefferson Highway and Claiborne Court. Taylor, for unknown reasons, was changing lanes improperly thus striking another vehicle, causing minor damage to a mirror. However, Taylor refused to stop and tried to speed away.

The other driver followed Taylor in his vehicle and was soon able to box him in at a red light. The other driver got out of his vehicle and managed to take away Taylor’s car keys before calling police. However, Taylor whipped out a spare key, started his car and tried to drive away again.

It was then that the other driver jumped into the bed of Taylor’s truck to keep track of him, the man was taken for a short ride to the intersection of Arnoult Road and Jefferson Highway. There Taylor halted the vehicle, and the other driver again removed his keys.

When the police arrived, they saw that Taylor appeared highly intoxicated. He was booked with the following charges: hit and run, driving while intoxicated-second offense, reckless operation of a motor vehicle and a host of misdemeanor charges related to driving without a valid license and insurance.

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