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Judge Reprimanded for Taunting Speedy Ticket of Football Celeb

January 18, 2013

LUBBOCK, Texas – Who among football enthusiasts have not heard of Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel?  A celebrity in his own right, Manziel has captured college football’s attention after an epic 2012 season. He was proclaimed the Davey O’Brien winner and the AP player of the year, but his celebrity status was not a shield from speeding tickets.

Trophy winner Johnny Manziel received a speeding ticket when he was passing the vicinity of Ennis, a small city about 35 miles south of Dallas. However, the Ennis court made no reply to a request last Friday for a copy of the ticket nor issued any detail about the incident. So any news about the incident cannot be substantiated.

But Sports news released in Ennis, Texas reported that Manziel was indeed issued a speeding ticket and it appeared that a judge (an alumnus from Baylor) who handled the ticket posted in his Facebook account some unsavory statements condemning the 2012 Heisman winner.

USA Today Dallas reported that a local judge wrote something unpleasant on his Facebook. The judge, identified as Lee Johnson, who handled the ticket, posted in his that it’s almost comical that an unnamed recent Heisman trophy winner coming from an unnamed college received a speeding ticket on the 287 bypass in response to an infraction. He said that the City of Ennis accepts no excuses for traffic violations. This unnamed trophy winner must grow up, avoid getting involved in questionable actions and realize its implication to his career ahead.

Judge Johnson who worked for the City of Ennis for 25 years, later on, corrected himself by saying that it was an alleged speeding violation but the statement was not an apology. Although what he posted didn’t mention names, only “a certain unnamed (very) recent Heisman Trophy winner;” it was very obvious that he was referring to Manziel. Many football fans commented that this post has not been objective; some even surmised that this negative comment has a bearing with the continued rivalry between Baylor and Texas A&M. And it seems that in Johnson’s enthusiasm, he forgot that he was a judge.

The issue was magnified when attention to Manziel was created by photos posted in Twitter showing him drinking champagne in a Club in Dallas with his mom. Quarterback Johnny Manziel was again shown partying in a Dallas club on Saturday, the night after he and his teammates brought victory to A&M during the Cotton Bowl tournament.

His winning the Heismen is spectacular based the fact that he was the first freshman football player ever to win the coveted prize; however, his age is the reason for his present problem. Dubbed as ‘Johnny Football’, Manziel being only 20-years-old does not reach the legal age of 21 until December. In an Oklahoma casino, he was seen flashing cash. Last summer before he was given the title as Johnny Football, Manziel was apprehended in a fight where he presented a fake ID.

An instagram photo showed Manziel partying with friends at Avenue Lounge. There was even a picture of the club’s DJ. Dallas-based DJ Avi with Manziel at Avenu last night, captioning it: ‘it’s a party’. In the photo, Johnny Football was holding an open bottle of Dom Perignon champagne.

Manziel has been receiving attention, not mainly for foot-related reputation but running wild around Dallas and being a party to underage drinking. A reliable report mentioned that A&M brass had a talk with Manziel about the importance of professionalism and responsibility, especially in his status as a high-profile athlete. Manziel said that as a 20-year old player, he wants to have good time during his leisure hours.

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