speeding ticket


1. Milwaukee between 34th St and Spur 327
2. Indiana Avenue N. Bound between 116th and 130th
3. South Loop near 50th Street
4. State Highway Hwy. 84 near Spur 327
5. Milwaukee Avenue near between 66th and 82nd Street
6. State Highway SPUR 327 near Homestead Avenue
7. Indiana Avenue near Between 34th and 50th Street
8. exit ramp off of West 289 Loop near on the 34th street exit Street
9. indiana Avenue near 34th Street
10. University Avenue near 48th Street
11. University between 34th and 50th, north and south bound lanes Avenue
12. South Loop 289 traveling east Loop near Interstate I27
13. West 50th Street near Near Chicago Avenue
14. Indiana Avenue near 50th Street
15. 289 East Loop near Interstate 27

If you have received a speeding ticket, consult with an experienced traffic lawyer to protect your driving privileges. You have rights! Learn about them with a free consultation.

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