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Man Cited with Careless Driving

According to police record, it was last November 16, that Benjamin Irven Beliveau of Upper Moreland, was involved in a fatal mishap. He struck and killed Dorothy A. Lodge, age 75 who comes from Hatboro.
Benjamin Irven Beliveau, age 60, was driving over the speed limit going south along the N. Warminster Road in Hatboro near Lycoming Avenue when he struck and killed Dorothy A. Lodge, age 75, resident of Upper Moreland.

Today, Risa Vetri Ferman who is Montgomery County District Attorney and Hatboro Police Chief James E. Gardner announced the criminal charges against Beliveau in relation to the accident.

The case involved the death of Lodge due to Beliveau who was driving over the legal speed limit allowed in the area. Beliveau, who also comes from Upper Moreland, struck and killed Lodge, who was in the process of crossing N. Warminster Road, according to court record. After a few minutes, he called 9-1-1- from and reported that he may have struck something.

Beliveau reported that he was not sure what he had hit and drove around the block before going home near the scene of the accident. It was then he realized that he had hit the 75 year old woman. The woman sustained life threatening injuries and eventually died.

After the authorities made thorough investigation, they issued Beliveau citations for Careless Driving Resulting in an Unintentional Death.

A month after Lodge was killed in that fatal mishap, her family and neighbors have made a campaign to make Warminster Road safer from road accidents. It was their way to prevent the occurrence of another deadly mishap for people in the community, as well as road travelers.

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Source: Horsham Patch Com

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