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The Driver’s License Compact

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The only offenses that might not be reported through the compact are offenses that are not recognized as such by your home state.

What is the National Driver Register?

Similar to the National Driver’s License Compact is the National Driver Register. This is a database held by the National Traffic Highway Safety Association. It records information about license suspensions and serious charges such as DUI or vehicular manslaughter. If a person commits an offense in a particular state, then the state motor vehicle department will send a record of he offense into the NTHSA and it will be recorded on the National Driver Register.

The significance of this is when you apply for a license in a new state or reapply for a license, then the state motor vehicle department will be able to have access to the register to find out if a previous license has been suspended or revoked. Your application may or may not be denied – it all depends on whether the two different states have reciprocal agreements in place or not.

You have the right to find out what record is held by the register

You can normally find out whether you have a record on the register or not from your own state motor vehicle department for free by putting in a request. The request may take a period of time and, if you have had a charge recently, it may take a month or so for it to show up on the register.

If you have any worries about how an offense in one state is likely to affect you in your own home state, then it makes sense to contact an attorney to let you know what the situation is and what your rights are.


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