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Vehicular manslaughter

Whenever a person has died as a result of somebody else’s driving behavior, as long as the death was unintentional, it can be considered as vehicular manslaughter, i.e. manslaughter with the use of a vehicle.

Vehicular manslaughter is an extremely serious charge in every U.S. state and almost automatically results in a prison sentence, together with fines, loss of license, increased insurance costs and a criminal conviction being recorded. The charge of vehicular manslaughter may be considered as a felony or a misdemeanor depending on the actual circumstances and the state in which the offense took place.

If you were driving just over the speed limit when the person was hit, then the court may consider the charge a misdemeanor, while if you were drunk, or it was a repeat offense, then it would almost certainly be classified as a felony.

If you are charged with a vehicular manslaughter charge, it is in your own interests to find a criminal defense lawyer to represent you, as he or she may be able to lessen the penalties imposed on you or even be able to get you discharged completely.

The charge of vehicular manslaughter can come about due to


careless or reckless driving

drunk driving

driving while under the influence of illegal drugs

a hit and run incident

There are a number of factors that can influence the court’s decision about your charge and how the penalties are decided. Some of these are completely out of your own influence and may depend on social factors operating in the wider community in which the offense took place. This might include such things as the number of incidents that have happened in that location before and media attention which may be directed to your case.

There may be things which you can do to help influence the outcome of your case. These include such things as character witnesses or statements which are made by people in good standing who are prepared to verify that you are of good character. Collect documentation of your employment record, any outstanding contributions to your local community and anything else which may help make you look respectable. A court may look on you a little more leniently if they think that this incident is out of character and is unlikely to be repeated.

It is also wise to maintain silence except to those you trust, like your spouse, and the lawyer you hire to represent you. It would be sensible, considering the seriousness of your situation, that you hire a defense lawyer as soon as possible after the incident, even before you are charged, if that is possible.

Your lawyer may try to show that you were not at fault in the death of the person, or were not negligent, or cannot be proved to be either of these. In the event that you are, in fact, guilty of the charge, they will endeavor to minimize the penalties by presenting your character in the best possible light.



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