speeding ticket


1. North King Street South of I 64 overpass

2. Settlers Landing Rd.

3. Near I-664 Ramp to I-64 E & W

4. I-64 E/W Near Big Bethel Road Overpass

5. Cunningham Drive bottom of the hill before 7/11

6. Chesapeake Ave and Pear Avenue

7. Commander Shepard Boulevard

8. Marcella Rd. / near Coliseum Dr.

9. N King St near Little Back River Rd

10. Salisbury Way & Melbourne Ct

11. Seward Dr & Grimes Rd

12. I-64 & Woodland Rd

13. Orcutt Ave & Friendly Dr

14. settlers landing Road near hampton university

15. Hardy Cash Drive near Magruder Boulevard

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