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Speeding Tickets from Route 501 in Question

Lynchburg, VA – Motorists driving through 501 near Wiggington Road recently would have probably noticed that the city of Lynchburg has increased the speed limit for the construction zone.

According to the city engineer’s office, the previous 25 mph speed limit was too low which places dozens of speeding tickets into question.

Back in September, Lynchburg police officers were cracking down on people who were driving faster than the 25 mph speed limit, but it turns out it should have been 35 mph all along.

One drive claimed that it is very difficult to get through and you are actually adding almost 15-20 minutes to your trip.

It is along the Route 501 between Old Forest and Boonsboro Road that drivers are likely to be delayed.

Lt. Danny Marks of the Lynchburg Police Department said that they have issued  63 speeding tickets in that area.

Two months after construction began, questions about the speed limit started cropping up. The director of public works stated that a driver had contested about his speeding ticket, asked to see the site survey and learned it hadn’t been done.

The normal procedure was to conduct site surveys before construction to look at the effect of the work on traffic flow and to set a new speed limit.

Dave Owen, the director of public works said that they were not able to do this. Eventually, the City engineers conducted a site survey and dozens of tickets later recommended to the police department that they were increase the speed limit.

Police officers are expecting confusion in court. Marks is afraid what will happen to their present citations when they go to court and tell the speed limit is now 35 mile per hour no longer a 25.

Andrew Childress, a lawyer, said that those already convicted based on the old speed limit can make an appeal. Under the Virginia Law, there are 21 days under which a motion can be set aside basically.

Construction in the 501 is ongoing. It is expected to be completed after take four months and wrap up in the beginning of next year.

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