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Traffic fines may be cut in District

WASHINGTON – In order to appease public anger at current penalties, fines for speeding and other traffic offenses in the District may soon be slashed.

On Thursday, the Judiciary Committee of the D.C Council will be made to vote on a proposal, if approve in some cases, may cut the present fines in half.

Washington Post reported that motorists will be expecting a reduction of fines. The present rate of fines for going 11 mph to 15 mph over the speed limit would be dropped to $75, while the fine imposed for traveling from 16 mph to 20 mph over the limit would be down to $150.

According to a report given by the Judiciary Committee, public support is essential if the District’s enforcement camera program will be expanded. The report stated that as long as the public will continue to consider the camera program merely as a revenue generating tool, then the purpose of the system will be useless.

For the year 2012, the District earned a total amount of $178 million in traffic fines which is a 32-percent increased from 2011 and a 62 percent leap from 2010. The camera program really brought in the much needed revenues for the state.

The proposal to lower fines would reduce D.C.coffers tens of millions of dollars. The new fines are applicable to fines of tickets written by police officers to include also camera fines.

Mayor Vincent Gray already signed an executive order to lower fines; however, the council stated that Gray’s cuts are not substantial enough.

If the Judiciary Council passes the proposed cuts pass, the proposal would have to be approved by the full council. It would mean a big cut of the state’s revenues.

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