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Accident victim still in critical condition

After a fatal Hazel Dell car crash last month, one of the casualties, identified as Joseph Reilly, age 21, is still in critical condition at PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center, a hospital spokeswoman said Friday afternoon.

According to the report of Clark County Sheriff’s Office, Reilly was struck by Annastasia Morrison, age 20 and resident of Vancouver.

Morrison lost control of her speeding 2006 Mazda MX6 four-door sedan on Highway 99 near Northeast 72nd Street on Nov. 27. The car then hit a post, which tore it in half, killing Morrison.

Spokesman Aaron Hahn of the Reilly family said his cousin was having surgery Friday to repair his pelvis. For Hahn, this is one of the bigger surgeries, perhaps the biggest. Reilly is hanging in there as the victim was taken off a ventilator for a while but was expected to be put back on it after the surgery to facilitate his recovery.

If any kind- hearted donor would like to help Reilly’s family pay for medical bills, they can send any amount to the Fund for Joseph M. Reilly at any TwinStar Credit Union branch.

It will be recalled that Joseph Reilly, the 21-year-old man was the victim of a fatal car crash in Hazel Dell which happened last month. The good news is that he has improved slightly at a local hospital.

Reilly was listed in serious condition at PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center, hospital spokesman Ken Cole said Monday afternoon.

Police records showed that Reilly was hit by Annastasia Morrison, 20, of Vancouver, who lost control of her speeding 2006 Mazda MX6 4-door sedan on Highway 99 near Northeast 72nd Street on Nov. 27.

Reilly was walking on his way to work at Smokey’s Hot Oven Pizza at 2:52 p.m. when he was hit by the Mazda. He was hurled across 72nd Street by the impact where he landed in the parking lot of Collins Plaza, an office complex. The car then collided with a post, which divided the car in half, killing Morrison.

Family spokesman Aaron Hahn said things are kind of in a “holding pattern” as Reilly recovers from a series of surgeries.

Meanwhile, Smokey’s Pizza in Hazel Dell, where Reilly works, will be holding a fundraiser for the family Tuesday. Twenty % of all proceeds in the restaurant between 6 and 9 p.m. will be donated to the fund, Hahn said. Both Smokey’s locations have donation jars for the fund.

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Source: Accident in Com

Source: Accident in Com

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